Research dissemination takes place, among other things, through scientific articles and publications, in the teaching of the university's students, the media, at conferences and other popular science activities.

Onlince Service
SUAS uses Cristin and Brage, which are archive and documentation systems, where you will find publications published by researchers and students at Sami University of Applied Sicences. 

Scientific journal
Dieđut is SUAS's scientific journal series where results from Sami research are published, such as collections of articles and monographs, in social research, language research and research in jurisprudence. The language of publication is in Sami, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, English and Russian.SUAS has also published Sámi dieđalaš áigečála (Sami scientific journal) for over 20 years in collaboration with the Center for Sami Studies at UiT Norway's Arctic University. Sámi dieđalaš áigečála is the only purely Sami-language scientific journal in the world and is approved in Norway as a publication channel with a level 2 rating.

SH teaching papers
Our series of scriptures for teaching is called SA-oahpahusčálus (SH teaching papers). In this series, our teachers publish textbooks, which are used in teaching at the college. In addition to these publications, other publications, which do not belong to any series, are published, such as the Sami University of Applied Sciences 20th anniversary book "Sámi oahpahus - Sámi dutkan - Sámi ásahus" which was published in 2009. Sami University of Applied Sciences also produces publications in collaboration with others institutions.

Overview of scientific publications at SUAS