Your next job is at SUAS?

The Sami University og Applied Sciences is an indigenous institution with responsibility for education and research, communication and interaction with the community around.

The Sámi Universithy has crossborder studies, research and activities that strengthen and develop the Sámi's self-government, the Sámi languages and the preservation of traditional knowledge. Sami Unversity takes responsibility for societal development by making arrangements for Sami society, industries and culture to have a sustainable future and flexible transfer of knowledge to new generations.

Do you want to be part of this social development? Apply to the University! We need your expertise.

Vacant positions are advertised on the website

Sami University uses for job advertisements. There you can find job advertisements in several languages.

On, jobseekers can create a profile with an application, CV and upload work and education documentation. Further communication between employer and jobseeker takes place at Jobbnorge until employment has taken place.

If you want to check whether we currently have vacancies, this link to the Jobbnorge website can be used, and search for Sami university.