July 01. beaivi 2022

6 good reasons to study at Sami University of applied sciences

Are you going to start studying this fall? Then there are 6 good reasons why you should choose Sami University of applied sciences(SUAS).

  1. SUAS has a strong Sami learning environment
    SUAS has a strong learning environment. When moving to Kautokeino, you will soon discover the vibrant Sámi environment. Sámi language is one of the main languages here, and can be heard and used both at the university and also in town.
  2. A Sami environment where the Sami language and Sami traditions are at the center   Sápmi, the culture, social life, diversity, traditions and language are our starting point. At SUAS your will find teachers that speak the language and understands the culture and the needs of the Sámi society.
  3. A close learning environment and contact with both teachers and fellow students
    At SUAS is a vibrant Sámi society where you'll get to know both Sámi people from different places in the Sámi area, and also from other places in the world. Here at SUAS we have less students than the bigger universities, which makes for a good and including student environment. This is turn gives our students a uniqe chance to get to know other students.
  4. Online training and gatherings
    Did you know that most of the studies at SUAS are either online or through gatherings at Diehtosiida in Guovdageainnu? This gives our students the oportunity to study no matter where they live. However, when gatherings are mandatory, the students are obliged to attend. 
  5. Good exchange opportunities
    Do you want to study in Sápmi, but at the same time you are dreaming about studying abroad? Here at SUAS you have the opportunity to do both. SUAS participates in several exchange programs that gives our students the possibility to do either long term or short term exchange abroad.  Through exchange you can widen your network, get to know new countries, other cultures and languages. 
  6. Good job opportunities
    Students that finish their education at SUAS are higly siught-after. If you for example graduate as a Sámi primary school teacher, or a Sámi early childhood teacher, you are guaranteed job offers. There is a lack of Sámi teachers that knows the language, culture, values and way of life all over Sápmi.

    There is also a need for educated academics within the fields such as reindeer husbandry, duodji, Sámi language and litterature, social science and journalism. As a student at SUAS, you are participating in the work of fulfilling the needs of the Sámi society, and at the same time strengthening the Sámi society with your knowledge and competense. 

Choose Sami University of applied sciences!