October 13. beaivi 2023

Sami Education Conference: New deadlines

Are you a teacher or researcher who wants to share your knowledge and/or experiences at the Sami education conference?

If you wish to present your teaching or research work, submit a text or an abstract. The deadline for submitting text or abstracts is 23th of October 2023. ❗️️(New date)

In November, teachers and researchers meet for a conference in Guovdageaidnu
Sámi allaskuvla organizes a Sami education conference on 7-8. November together with the Sámi Parliament. The aim of the conference is to exchange experiences from education and highlight pedagogical ways of thinking and teacher professionalism in education and research. Exchange of experiences can be useful for teaching in Sami kindergartens, schools and higher education. If you want to participate, please register by 1th of November. (New date).

Ten teachers do not have to pay conference fees
All texts will be assessed by the conference organization committee and placed in the program by the committee. Ten teachers in Sami kindergartens and schools who present their work do not have to pay the conference fee. The committee assesses and announces the assessment before registration is closed

Read more about how to register your presentation or text and deadlines here.