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15. November, 08:30 to 16:00

Ole Henrik Magga celebration seminar

Bilde av Ole Henrik Magga. Fotograf er John Anders Sikku

A seminar to celebrate professor emeritus Ole Henrik Magga

November 15, 2017, at the Sámi University of Applied Sciences


Please join the Sámi University of Applied Sciences in celebrating the 70th birthday of its first professor and the first president of the Sámi Parliament in Norway, Ole Henrik Magga. At this celebratory seminar, we will examine Magga’s career as a linguist and a Sámi politician, and his work to advance Indigenous human rights and Sámi higher education.

The seminar will be held primary in North Sámi. Interpretation into English will be arranged. The participation fee is 200 Nkr, and includes lunch and a celebratory dinner.


To register for the event, please visit: 

The deadline for registrations is November 1, 2017.


Lassedieđut/Contact information:

Professor Vuokko Hirvonen



The seminar is organized by the Sámi University of Applied Sciences and the Sámi Parliament in Norway.


Seminar program


08.30–09.00    Registration

09.00–09.10   Opening remarks

09.10–09.15    Celebratory address by the Rector of the Sámi University of Applied Sciences

09.20–09.30    Celebratory address by the President of the Sámi Parliament in Norway


09.30–10.15    The challenges of the Sámi language as an Indigenous language: research and future

Celebratory lecture by Professor emeritus Ole Henrik Magga, Sámi University of Applied Sciences


10.15–10.45    COFFEE BREAK


10.45–11.15    Ole Henrik Magga as a linguist

Professor Jussi Ylikoski, Giellagas Institute, University of Oulu


11.45–12.15    When we began to show Sámi spirit (ČSV)

Professor emeritus Johán Lemet Kalstad, Sámi University of Applied Sciences


12.15–12.45    LUNCH


12.45–13.15    Ole Henrik Magga as the President of the Sámi Parliament in Norway

Rune Fjellheim, Director, Sámi Parliament in Norway


13.15–13.45    Representing Indigenous Peoples: XHM as the Chairperson of the UN Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues

Laila Susanne Vars, Deputy director, Norwegian National Human Rights Institution (NHRI)


13.45–14.15    Ole Henrik Magga as an intermediary between the Sámi and state officials – the advancement of Sámi rights

Professor Else Grete Broderstad, Center for Sámi Research, UiT Arctic University in Norway


14.00–14.30    COFFEE BREAK


14.30–15.15 “Place names hold the roots of a nation”. The work of Ole Heandarat with Sámi place names

Associate Professor Kaisa Rautio Helander, Sámi University of Applied Sciences


15.15–15.45    Ole Henrik Magga as a colleague, teacher and advisor

                        Doctoral Candidate Helena Omma, Sámi University of Applied Sciences

Professor Vuokko Hirvonen, Sámi University of Applied Sciences


15.45               Closing remarks


19.00–             CELEBRATORY DINNER


The program is subject to change.