BA - Sierra kursa

Knowledge of Indigenous Cultural Expressions and Arts

  • Instruction language: English 
  • Subject code: DUO 121
  • Place of study: Online. The course is carried out with virtual tools and workshops.
  • 15 ECTS credits
  • Supportive, elective, or free course in different bachelor’s degrees. Accepted as equivalent to DUO 120 Eamiálbmot duodje- ja dáiddadiehtu course in the Bachelor of Duodji and Design.
  • Curriculum 
  • Time schedule to be find at TimeEdit 

Sámi allaskuvla/Sami University of Applied Sciences offers a 15 credits online course in Knowledge of Indigenous Cultural Expressions and Arts. This course will be in English.

The course is intended for students, artists, duojárat, curators, cultural workers and people who are generally interested in the topic. This course celebrates Indigenous experiences within cultural expressions and art. The focus is to emphasize different Indigenous perspectives in the past and the present.  You will analyse (the connection between) indigenous cultural expressions and art in critical theories and in the indigenous knowledges. The course consists of lectures, students own readings, study guidance and assignments.

Hope to see You on the course. Welcome!


Course coordinator:    

Inga Elisa Påve Idivuoma


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