Information regarding the corona virus

(Updated 9th of December 2021)

The government has established national and regional measures to delay the spread of the omicron variant of the coronavirus

The authorities' advice and recommendations: 

1. Stay home if you are sick. Test yourself if you have symptoms of illness. This applies to everyone, including you who have been vaccinated.

2. Students and staff are asked to comply with the recommendation to keep a 1 meter distance to people who are not in the same household or similarly close contacts, when you are on campus. We recommend using face masks when it is not possible to keep a distance.

3. Remember hand and cough hygiene. Wash your hands often, use rubbing alcohol if you do not have access to water.

Do you need a vaccine or a coronary test?

All Allaskuvla's students and employees, including those who are registered as residents of another municipality, are offered a vaccine at the health center in Guovdageaidnu.

Book an appointment for vaccination or coronary testing can be done by contacting the municipal health service on telephone 78 48 72 60 or 116117, or book an appointment digitally on Helse Norge's website.

Isolation in case of infection

It is a requirement that people who have been confirmed infected with COVID-19 must isolate themselves. This also applies to people who are vaccinated.

Corona certificate and vaccine taken abroad

A corona certificate issued in the EU / EEA has been approved in Norway. Read more about corona certificate and how it works.

People who have received the Pfeizer, Moderna, Strazenica and Jansen vaccine outside the EU and EEA countries (eg the USA) must register the vaccine with the doctor after arrival in Norway, and when the Norwegian social security number or D-number is in place.

More information about the coronavirus (Covid-19) can be found here: